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Domain Name Registration & Management

The Number 1 reason for choosing us to register and manage your Domain Names is PRICE.
Check out these prices:

Prices per year (not Legacy Console)

.au - $20.00

.sydney - $82

.melbourne - $82

.com - $25

.net - $26

Support FAQs

How do I register a Domain Name?

If you have NOT registered a Domain Name with us before just click the Search & Register button. Search and when you find a Domain Name that suits, click the Register button. Use a Debit or Credit Card to complete purchase. You have the option of saving your Credit/Debit Card details to the Console.

If you have an account with us already - you should login to the console. That way all your Domain Names will be under the one account. Then just Search & Register.

How do I transfer a Domain Name?

Login to your current registrar's control panel. Check that the domain does not have Domain Privacy and is not locked. Copy the Domain Password. Go to your new registrar and click the transfer in link and enter the domain name to be transferred and the domain password. That's it.

How do I use Simple DNS?

Firstly you should only use your Domain Name Registrars DNS as the last option. You should use your Email Hosting DNS as first preference and WebSite Hosting DNS as second preference. If neither of these provide DNS then you are welcome to use ours. Firstly click the link to manage the Domain Name you want to use DNS. Click the dropdown to park the Domain Name. This gives you the correct Nameservers. Now edit your DNS, you can add A records, MX records and other record types too. You get the correct records from your hosting and email providers. DNS services are self serve.

Who are

We have been offering Domain Name Registration and Management since 1997. is owned by ABN: 41 406 558 794. We decided to have a separate website for Domain Name Management to differentiate our Domain Name Management Services from our Hosting Services. This means someone who wants to use us to Manage Domain Names doesn't have to see our Hosting Services as well.

Our Domain Name Management Console is pretty straight forward to use and can do everything you need done. You shouldn't need to contact us. If you do need to contact us, click here.